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Construction Machinery

"JAMEX Co., LTD" is leading exporter of Japanese Construction Equipment and Used Medical Equipment. We Export Japanese Excavators, Road Construction Equipment, Earth moving equipment, Used Japanese Cranes, Press Machines and Asphalt Plants

Japanese Used / New Cars

We are supplier of Quality Japanese Used and New Cars. Lexus,Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Suzuki, Isuzu, Hino, Subaru,Daihatsu and Nissan Diesel UD is available

Japanese Auto Auctions

We are a member of all the major Japanese Auto Auctions. Our Team visits Major auto auctions and inspect your cars before purchase.

Numerious Stocks

"Jamex Co., Ltd." can supply vast range of Japanese Construction Equipment from Stock, Auctions and Domestic Dealer. Please browse through our inventory or let us know your demand!

Shipping Anywhere

We Ship Japanese Motor Vehicles and Used Machinery to all continent of the world. You should check the import rules of your country and customs duty before you give us an order. We are not able to export to a few countries because of the regulations of Japan

Auction Access

We access to more than 100 Auto & Machinery Auctions in Japan. It is the best way to buy used motor vehicles and Fork lifts. Access is Free! But to buy on your behalf we require a security deposit, please read more!

Top Performance

We provide performance certificate from JEVIC, JAAI, Bureau Veritas and NKKK, Cleaning Certificate for Australia, New Zealand and USA can be provided. If you want us to inspect your equipment in Japan and supply inspection report that is possible, please contact us for more detail

Welcome to JAMEX

Jamex is an exporter of Japanese used cars, new cars and Japanese used construction equipment.  We export quality used machinery and used cars from Japan to Asia, Africa, South America, Caribbean and Oceania. We attend Japanese Auto Auctions and Used Machinery Auctions. We are Japan's No1 Auto Auction Agent!  Supplier of only quality used and new cars from Japan. JAMEX is Your best Supplier of japanese Brand new Cars! We can supply not only Japanese RHD Cars but we can also supply German and American LHD Cars!

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Recent Vehicles

Browse through the vast selection of vehicles that have recently been added to our inventory.

KM : 170,000 | Year : 1993
FOB price : USD 26,000-/
Toyota Land Cruiser
Year : 2017
FOB price : USD 88,000-/
KM : 31,600 km | Year : 2005
FOB price : USD 4,000-/
Isuzu KC-NRR33C1GD
KM : 154,692 | Year : 1996
FOB price : USD 99,000-/
Isuzu KC-CYG50P2
KM : 81,0000 | Year : 1997
FOB price : ASK
KM : 693,000 | Year : 1993
FOB price : ASK
KM : 1,000,000 | Year : 1992
FOB price : ASK
KM : 921,000 | Year : 1994
FOB price : ASK
KM : 661,000 | Year : 1990
FOB price : ASK
KM : 178,000 | Year : 1992
FOB price : ASK
Isuzu CXZ77AT
KM : 124479 | Year : 2014
FOB price : ASK
Isuzu CXZ77AT
Year : 2014
FOB price : ASK
Daihatsu HIJET
KM : 20720 | Year : 2015
FOB price : USD 5,000-/
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
KM : 19,000km | Year : 2015
FOB price : USD 31,800-/
Toyota Land Cruiser
KM : 22,000km | Year : 2015
FOB price : USD 32,500-/
Isuzu Giga
KM : 107000 | Year : 2014
FOB price : USD 93,000-/
Mitsubishi Canter
KM : 309000 | Year : 2004
FOB price : USD 14,000-/
Hino Profia
KM : 236000 | Year : 1993
FOB price : USD 12,000-/
Toyota URJ202W
Year : 2017
FOB price : ASK
Year : 1994
FOB price : ASK
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