4 Mini Excavator
56 Excavator
29 Bulldozer
3 Graders
30 Wheel Loaders
50 Cranes
2 Rollers
6 Forklift
41 Big Equipment
9 Generator
0 Press Machines
1 Asphalt Plant


Auto Auctions, Buy Direct from Japanese Auto Auctions

  • STEP 1

    Register free with us as a member and get free access to the Japanese Auto Auctions, Access over 10,000 cars per week,The Japanese Auto Auctions have something for everyone! It is FREE.

  • STEP 2

    In order to be able to start bidding and purchasing cars right away, you are required to make a deposit of JPY 100,000-/ or USD 1,000-/ This deposit will be added to your account and discounted from total value of the vehicle, If in case car can not be purchased at your offered price this deposit is refundable. You can bid cars up to US$ 5,000 if you want to bid cars over US$ 5,000 Please pay at least 15% of approx Total car Value as a deposit.

    Bank transfer

    Please make your bank transfer using details here. Please note that it takes 2 - 3 days to confirm your transaction. Always send us TT receipt for confirmation bye email info@jamex.co.jp or by FAX: 03-6433-0132 If you see any thing is suspicious please call use urgently at TEL: +81-03-6433-0131 Please be careful from similar Name. Never send funds outside of Japan, Only Transfer Funds to beneficiary "JAMEX Co., LTD"

    Bank Detail

    •  Bank Name : MIZUHO BANK
    •  Branch : SHINAGAWA (195)
    •  SWIFT Code : MHCBJPJT
    •  Account Name : JAMEX Co., LTD
    •  Account No : 147XXXX
    •  Account Type : ORDINARY
  • STEP 3

    Every vehicle going through the Japanese car auctions is provided a detailed report prepared by the professional inspectors at the auctions. We translate the auction sheet for you so you know every detail about the vehicle.

    We also inspect the cars from all the main Japanese car auctions in Tokyo for no extra charge. Some of these inspections can be watched on our You Tube Channel - click below to watch and subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/japancarexporter

  • STEP 4

    Upon successful purchase of the car you bid on, we will issue an invoice asking for the full payment. Please pay using one of the above mentioned method with in three working days and provide us a TT receipt. If payment is delayed over 7 working days a penalty fee of 8% of total amount can be applied. We Would book earliest vessel after receiving full payment.

  • STEP 5

    We deal directly with the shipping agent here in Japan, which keeps the shipping costs down. As shipping prices fluctuate like exchange rates and are based on the total cubic dimensions of the vehicle, a formal shipping quote will be provided prior to vehicle purchase.

    Some countries require an inspection such as JEVIC, EAA, JAAI or Intertek, SGS, B.V. If you require these inspections to be done in Japan, it is generally from about USD300 to USD 500 depending upon the required inspection.

  • STEP 6

    After we confirm your full payment being received and Car is shipped, we will dispatch all the required documents e.g B.L, Export Certificate, Commercial invoice etc.

  • STEP 7

    You are now ready to pick your car at your destintion port. Please make sure you bring all the required documents. We some time are able to provide the forwarder detail in your country e.g South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, U.A.E, Kuwait, Oman, Zambia, Canada and Myanmar

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