4 Mini Excavator
56 Excavator
29 Bulldozer
3 Graders
30 Wheel Loaders
50 Cranes
2 Rollers
6 Forklift
41 Big Equipment
9 Generator
0 Press Machines
1 Asphalt Plant


Mini Excavator

Japanese used Mini Excavators

Mini Excavators with low working hours are available for NZ and Australia


Japanese Used Excavators

We are able to provide good quality used Excavators, komatsu, CAT, Hitachi, Sumitomo and Kato Excavators are availbale


Bulldozers for Sale

We are one of the largest supplier of Japanese used Bulldozer, We Export Worldwide, We provide a vast range of Japanese Bulldozers to choose from.


Japanese used Graders for sale

Please search through our inventory or let us know your demand, We are able to supply Graders from Japanese Auctions as well


Used Wheel Loaders for sale in Japan

Please browse through a vast range of Japanese Wheel loaders, If you could not find your required loader, please let us know your demand!


Japanese Used Cranes

We are able to supply Japanese used Cranes. We Export Truck Cranes, All Terrain Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes and crawler Cranes


Used Road Rollers for Sale in Japan

Please browse through latest used Rollers stock


Japanse used fork lift for sale

We can supply you all kind of Japanese Used forklifts of all capacity, you can access auctions as well to buy forklifts at best price


Off road Dump Trucks, Crushers ,and other heavy equipments

OFF ROAD Trucks, Jaw Crushers, Asphalt Plants, Press Machines are available for sale


Used Japanese Generators for sale

We can offer all kind of Japanese Used Generators of all capacity and power plants, We are supplier of Denyo and Air man Generators

Press Machines

Hydraulic and Mechanical Press Machines for sale in JAPAN

We are able to supply used mechanical press machines, Hydraulic press machines and double action press machines from Japan of all capacity Please let us know your requirements

Asphalt Plant

asphalt plant for sale in Japan

Let us know your requirements for Asphalt plant of any capacity, We are currently supplying NIIGATA and Tanaka Asphalt plant from 50t to 300t of capacity

Types of Cranes

Tower Cranes

Tower Cranes for sale

We are able to supply Tower cranes from JAPAN , Upon your request we can also supply Tower crane from China

Rough Terrain Cranes

(R/T ) Rough terrain cranes for sale

We mostly supply Tadano Kato Kobeclo and Komatsu rough terrain cranes from Japan ranging from 7t to 70t Capacity. Please let us know your demand or search through Jamex Machinery Stock

Truck Crane

Truck Cranes for sale

We mostly supply Truck Cranes to Middle east and Asian Clients. Let us know your requirements or Find from our machinery stock

All Terrain Crane

All terrain crane for sale

All kind of All Terrain Cranes available for sale not only Japanese but you can also inquire about American and German All terrain cranes Ranging from 100t to 300t mostly

Crawler Crane

crawler cranes for sale in Japan

Crawler Crane from 30t to 600t of capacity is available for sale from time to time. Please let us know your required Machine Detail E.g Maker Model Year and required length of the boom with your destination port

Crane Barge

used and new crane barge for sale

We are able to supply Crane barge from Japan please let us know your requirements, we are also able to build a new crane barge for you

Work Vessel

work vessel for sale

We can provide Work vessel New or used please contact us, We are able to build new work vessel as well

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