14 Mini Excavator
116 Excavator
68 Bulldozer
5 Graders
47 Wheel Loaders
60 Cranes
6 Rollers
10 Forklift
61 Big Equipment
16 Generator
3 Press Machines
2 Asphalt Plant

About us


JAMEX is an abbriviation of "Japanese Auto & Machinery Exports", We buy Used Motor Vehicles from an access of more than 120 Auto Auctions in Japan. We can provide you cars from dealers stock as well. We have access to New and Used Cars, Buses, Trucks and Special Vehicle. We have access to over 10,000 Vehicles per week. We can supply japanese construction and industrial machinery from stock and from Machinery Dealers in Japan. We also attend many Machinery auctions in Japan.

We also buy motor vehicles from many Auto Dealers and private sellers. We make sure that our client buy in confidence, shipping process is smooth that fits to our client needs. We belive that "business is a metter of trust", "JAMEX Co., LTD." is Providing not only Right hand Drive (RHD) Japanese vehicles but we also provide Left Hand Drive (LHD) German and American vehicle. We are also able to change the steering wheel of RHD Japanese cars to LHD. We`re exporting brand new vehicles from Japan to Asia, Africa, Europ , South America and Caribbean. JAMEX is more than our name its our philosphy, We serve you with honesty in a friendly atmosphere. Please contact us for your inquiries.

Bank Detail / 口座情報

  •  Name of Account:  JAMEX CO., LTD
  •  Bank Name:   The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ LTD / 三菱東京UFJ銀行
  •  Branch:  SHINAGAWA EKIMAE / 品川駅前支店/
  •  Account No:   0337099 / 口座番号 033----ASK
  •  Account Type:   ORDINARY / 普通
  •  Bank Address:   2-16-2 Kounan Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075 Japan

We are the Member of the following

  • Certified dealer of automobile from Tokyo, Japan
  • Japan National Public Safety Commission No. 302151306342
  • Our Shipper: Autohub-Japan, Sunphoenix, WALLEM
  • Our Transporter: LOGICO, Zero Transports
  • Our Banks: Mizuho Bank Shingawa Branch
  • All Major Auto Auctions, I-AUC, USS, BCN, TAA Auto Auctions. JU AUCTIONS, ARAI OYAMA

Bank Detail / 口座情報

  •  Name of Account:   JAMEX CO., LTD
  •  Bank Name:   MIZUHO BANK
  •  Branch:   SHINAGAWA (195)
  •  Account No:   147XXXX
  •  Account Type:   ORDINARY

Head Office/本社

  •  Tel No:   03-6712-4147
  •  Fax No:   03-6712-4148
  •  Email:  info@jamex.co.jp
  •  Address:  JAMEX Co., LTD
    140-0001, Tokyo-to Shinagawa-ku,
    Kita-Shinagawa, 1-9-7-201, Japan

    〒140-0001 東京都品川区北品川 1-9-7-201

Branch Office / 支店

  •  Tel No:   +81 3 6433 0131
  •  Fax No:   +81 3 6433 0132
  •  Email:   info@jamex.co.jp
  •  Address:   JAMEX Co., LTD
    140-0001, Tokyo-to Shinagawa-ku,
    Kita-Shinagawa, 1-22-20, 2F JAPAN

    〒140-0001 東京都品川区北品川 1-22-20-201

Numerious Stocks

"Jamex Co., Ltd." can supply vast range of Japanese Construction Equipment from Stock, Auctions and Domestic Dealer. Please browse through our inventory or let us know your demand!

Shipping Anywhere

We Ship Japanese Motor Vehicles and Used Machinery to all continent of the world. You should check the import rules of your country and customs duty before you give us an order. We are not able to export to a few countries because of the regulations of Japan

Auction Access

We access to more than 100 Auto & Machinery Auctions in Japan. It is the best way to buy used motor vehicles and Fork lifts. Access is Free! But to buy on your behalf we require a security deposit, please read more!

Top Performance

We provide performance certificate from JEVIC, JAAI, Bureau Veritas and NKKK, Cleaning Certificate for Australia, New Zealand and USA can be provided. If you want us to inspect your equipment in Japan and supply inspection report that is possible, please contact us for more detail

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